Dear Friends,

As we start 2021 we wanted to express our gratitude for your support last year. Whether you bought a kit, shared a social media post, attended one of our online assemblies or signed up for our emails, we say THANK YOU.

When we set out to launch iSprowt in March, we had no idea that an unprecedented pandemic, complete with school shutdowns, was right around the corner. A new, small business trying to get its footing during regular times is a challenge. Add to that a global lockdown.

We are proud that with the obstacles came ingenuity and we pivoted our school programs to include online assemblies. We had so much fun meeting children from all over on Zoom while we taught them about science. We’ll continue this initiative in the new year, and can’t wait to meet many more students.

We’re a small business creating a community of STEM-lovers, passionate about education. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Juliana, Rob and Robbie Sherwood

The holiday season is upon us, and parents everywhere are scrambling to secure gifts that will bring a smile to their children’s faces. We know that our kids want dynamic and fun presents, but it is always a bonus when that fun can be paired with something that has lasting value. iSprowt’s STEM kits stand out as perfect gifts for kids, combining entertainment with education to create lessons that ignite their imagination!

When we think about gifts our kids are asking for this year, there tends to be one common theme among them- they are fun! iSprowt’s science kits are no different, as they were designed by teachers to be incredibly fun in addition to educational. Each kit has been tested by over 100 elementary school students to ensure that they are engaging and entertaining enough to inspire young learners to fall in love with science. For example, our Cool Chemistry kit gives kids all the material they need to make biodegradable plastic toys, a rock crystal, and bath bombs! Each kit also features songs and dances integrated into the lesson, keeping kids laughing, moving, and having fun as they learn.

The engaging element of iSprowt’s STEM kits make them excellent for supplementing our children’s learning. In the current landscape of the COVID-19 health crisis, many students have settled into attending school remotely. One of the common obstacles associated with remote learning has been keeping children fully engaged and motivated while doing their work at home. iSprowt kits show kids that learning can fun and, because our kits align around the national science standards (NGSS), they pair excellently with their science lessons. Showing children that activities with educational value can also be entertaining and engaging instills a sense of wonder in young minds that can keep them motivated and having fun through remote learning and beyond.

iSprowt STEM kits also make great gifts for the holiday season is because they present an excellent opportunity to bond over something exciting. The holidays are a great time to slow things down and catch up with our kids. With many of us spending more time at home, however, we may have already bonded with our children over interests such as videogames, television, or their favorite toys. iSprowt science kits allow us to show young learners that science can be just as interesting and dynamic, sparking an interest in STEM that is sure to last. A parent’s involvement helps put some aspects of the lesson into perspective and show that the love for learning is truly lifelong!


hands on learning

iSprowt, a company known for making STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education fun through their interactive home science experiments, is bringing hands-on science learning back into the hands of thousands of children in a new and innovative way.

With stay-at-home-orders in effect for much of the country’s school systems, it has never been more difficult for teachers to provide hands-on learning experiences. Fortunately, iSprowt has developed a solution.

iSprowt Founder and serial entrepreneur Juliana Lutzi Sherwood developed iSprowt STEM kits to provide children with a way to bring STEM education to life through fun and engaging science experiments. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic forcing more children to learn from home, Sherwood decided to develop online assemblies to help schools bring hands-on learning to their students.

Sherwood explains saying, “COVID has had a huge impact on our children and their education. As a mom and as an entrepreneur, I wanted to do something to help all our children. Leveraging iSprowt’s hands-on science kits, which align with national science standards, I created virtual assemblies that include multiple experiments. We are donating our time and resources to create and hold these assemblies with only a small charge of $2 for the students’ materials.”

With an email to Juliana at schools will get two incredible interactive experiments, a 14-page activity book plus their school-wide assembly. The iSprowt team delivers kits directly to the school who then distributes to all participating students.

Take a look at the interactive experiments!

With COVID-19 continuing to force students to learn from home, iSprowt has made it easier than ever to ensure a hands-on learning experience.

“We are very excited to be partnering with iSprowt on assemblies and look forward to other iSprowt programs that bring hands-on learning to our students as well,” said Dr. Hillyer, Principal of Alta Vista Elementary School in Redondo Beach, CA.

The iSprowt team shares the excitement of principals like Dr. Hilyer. iSprowt will continue to deliver hands-on STEM programs to enrich the learning experiences of as many students as possible.

iSprowt is Bringing Science to Virtual Classrooms

Schools Across the Country Will Have Access to Science Experiments


virtual science assembly

We’re excited to announce that we are working with schools and PTAs across the country to bring live, iSprowt virtual science assemblies to over 5,000 elementary students. Each student receives a kit that includes 2 hands-on, extremely fun, STEM experiments and a 16-page booklet filled with activities. 




Benefits of Virtual Science Assemblies


One of the great things about our Virtual Science Assemblies is that there is no cost to families. iSprowt subsidizes the cost of these assemblies to make them highly affordable to all schools (the cost is just $2 per student!). The PTA buys the kits for students and distributes them.

Another benefit to these assemblies is the way they engage the students. We strongly believe the best way for children to learn is by doing. Our Virtual Science Assemblies bring science to life in your home with easy, mess-free experiments that are highly visual and engaging.

Lastly, there’s no issue with privacy, or missing out if you can’t attend the live assembly. iSprowt uses your school or PTA’s virtual classroom technology such as Zoom, Teams, WebEx, etc.  This ensures the student’s privacy is protected.  Schools are encouraged to record and redistribute the virtual assembly so that any student who cannot join live, can still fully participate.  

science assembly

Examples of the Hands-On Experiments


In our Wacky Weather Assembly, students will be laughing and learning as they build, create, and observe.

  • Experiment #1: Tornado-in-a-bottle: Students will whirl and twirl to create their own mini tornado in a bottle.  They will be mesmerized as the water picks up debris in its powerful spiraling spin. Here’s an example of the tornado-in-a-bottle experiment.
  • Experiment #2: Chemistry and engineering experiment: “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”  Students get a packet of safe, highly absorbent powder.  They add 1 cup of water and the powder expands over 700%.  Students can now build with the powder to create shapes such as a snowman, igloo, animal, dinosaur, letters, etc.   Over the next 7 days, the water slowly evaporates from the powder and the shape changes.  This allows the students to continue learning while they observe as evaporation slowly changes their original design.
  • 16-page Educational Activity Booklet: All of the directions, science, and fun activities such as a short story, word search, maze, Find-It picture, and Silly Story (similar to a Mad Libs) to keep the students engaged, laughing, and learning. 

Want a virtual assembly at your school? Contact us and we’ll send you info to pass on to your PTA and principal! Let’s work together to inspire kids and keep them excited about learning. Thank you!


Every iSprowt experiment, activity, and challenge is inspired by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The NGSS are science content standards that set the expectations for what K-12 students should know.

The NGSS were developed by a committee of 18 experts in science, engineering, cognitive science, teaching and learning, curriculum, assessment and education policy to identify core science themes and were inspired by “A Framework for K-12 Science Education”. The framework proposed developing science standards that integrated these three dimensions: (1) Scientific and Engineering Practices, (2) Crosscutting Concepts, and (3) Disciplinary Core Ideas (Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, and Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science).

One of the key elements of these core criteria is that the disciplinary core ideas be teachable and learnable over multiple grades.  The science concepts our students learn in kindergarten and the early grades will be repeated at increasing levels of depth and sophistication throughout elementary, middle, and high school. iSprowt loves this! The hands-on activities in iSprowt booklets bring to life what our students are learning in the classroom, strengthening our kindergarten through fifth grade students’ understanding of these core concepts and potentially helping them carry this knowledge through to middle school and high school.

At the date of this publication, 20 states and the District of Columbia have adopted the NGSS while and additional 24 states have developed their own standards based on the Framework for K-12 Science Education. With a monthly iSprowt membership, your student can put into practice the science concepts they are learning in school while building their science confidence. If you are ready to bring this educational gift into your home, please check out our membership page.


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