My name is Juliana. I’m a mom, a wife, I volunteer in my son’s classroom (or at least I used to before COVID) and I own a small business.

Sometimes I feel so busy, I feel like I don’t even have time to breathe. I bet many of you parents may feel the same way. It’s crazy busy, stressful, and super fun–all at the same time. Regardless of where we live or what we do, we all want to help our kids achieve their highest potential, especially in this difficult time. We want to inspire in them a love of life-long learning and to encourage their sense of curiosity and exploration. We want our kids to do well in school and be prepared for their academic futures.

This is why my husband, son, and I reached out to a group of award-winning educators to help us create iSprowt. We created iSprowt to bring the national science curriculum to life in a fun and engaging way that excites young minds. Each kit is designed around the national science standards to help kids achieve their best at school and in life and is tested in the classroom with over 100 learners before becoming a kit that is sent home to you.

A student who starts iSprowt in Kindergarten will have completed over 240 STEM activities by the time they begin middle school. Who do you think is more prepared for their next academic step: the student who has an extra 240 hands-on, fun, STEM activities or the student who was only exposed to STEM at school?

We know how busy parents are – which is why upper elementary-aged children can do the activities independently (Kinder and 1st graders may still look to do these experiments with guidance). Everything is low mess and broken up into bite-size sections that are easy to pick-up (when kiddos have a few free minutes), and simple to put down (when they need to do something else). Different age kiddos can work together on the same kit, all learning, growing and laughing at their own level.

We created iSprowt to help our children, our community, and our country. When we inspire and strengthen the next generation, we help create a better future for them and for us all.

We hope you will join our community. We love to learn and laugh together and hope that you will be smiling and experimenting with us soon.

All my best,