Engaging, NGSS Aligned
Hands-on STEM Kits

Inspiring Learners in Grades K-8

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iSprowt Hands-on STEM Kits Engage and Inspire Learners With Phenomena-based Science Lessons and Activities

Aligned around NGSS and Common Core ELA for Kindergarten through 8th grade, these hands-on science kits contain multiple STEM experiments that are proven to increase content retention by up to 80%. 

Inspire your students’ sense of wonder, exploration, and inquiry.

iSprowt Science Kits Bring Real World Science to Life

Each kit has multiple science experiments and activities with easy to follow, step-by-step, learner-friendly instructions.  

We also include Level Up activities where we encourage students to try experiments their own way. We want to inspire them to go beyond simply following directions to use their own imagination and creativity. We provide a platform for young scientists to be innovative and promote independent learning.


Spark Curiosity with Common Core NGSS and ELA Aligned Workbooks

Engaging workbooks are packed with exciting phenomena-based science lessons and activities.  iSprowt’s workbooks guide students through cross cutting concepts, predicting, modeling and written interpretation.

Increase Student Retention

Studies have shown that if learners read only (such as workbooks) they retain about 10%.  

When students read and listen (such as by adding videos to these workbook lessons), retention doubles to 20%.  

However, when students are engaged with hands-on learning, retention skyrockets to 80%. 

iSprowt supplements your existing curriculum and helps to significantly boost your students’ retention.

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10-Minute Teacher Prep

iSprowt’s engaging, hands-on STEM experiments come with simple, easy-to-implement instructions that can be led by teachers, parent volunteers, or by following along to a pre-recorded teacher-led video.

Low-mess activities make clean up a snap!


Professional Development Training is Fast, Fun, and Flexible

Highly engaging, live and recorded Zoom calls engage teachers and have them ready to integrate iSprowt quickly and easily. 

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iSprowt Inspires Learners

Whether you are looking for in-class supplemental materials, afterschool enrichment, summer programs, or family STEM nights – iSprowt has a solution that will meet your school’s needs and budget.

Our Advantages

High Value, Low Cost

Budgeting for iSprowt falls under Federal and State funding including Title I, Title III, Title IV, Title V, ESSER, ASES, After School, Supplemental and Student Achievement funds. PTA or donation funds are also commonly used.

Aligns Around
School Standards

Aligned around Next Generation of Science Standards (NGSS) for elementary grades K-6, these engaging hands-on workbooks and activities supplement core curriculum.

Hands-on Science

Hands-on learning engages and inspires learners. Empower your students to achieve their highest potential and develop a passion for STEM.

Easy to implement

10-minute teacher prep makes implementation fast and hassle-free. Low-mess activities make clean-up quick and easy.

Afterschool & At Home

Besides being a great resource for the classroom teacher, iSprowt can be used for STEM family nights, afterschool enrichments, and summer programs.


Teachers love iSprowt because it’s easy for them to do with their class and students LOVE it!

Industry Leading Editorial Team

Our editorial team includes industry leading subject matter experts, teachers, parents, and school principals. We spend over 1,200 hours developing each science kit.

Potentially Boost Test Scores

iSprowt’s hands-on learning can potentially boost your science and ELA test scores.

Who Knew Learning
Could Be So Exciting?!!!

iSprowt’s STEM experiments and booklets are so engaging and exciting, kids have no idea that it is helping them achieve higher success at school and in life.

Why iSprowt


Designed by experts, teachers, school administrators, and principals. All-in-One: Includes everything you need to experiment, create, and explore Delivered to your doorstep


Tested by over 100 elementary school students before coming to you! Captivates and inspires young minds S.T.E.M. Projects Serious fun without serious clean-up


Whatever level your learner is at, these fun kits will help enrich their education and love for science, technology, engineering, art, and math