Excellence in Education
Begins with Engagement

Hands-on science kits for middle school learners

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iSprowt inspires curiosity and a love of learning with hands-on science kits.

Our phenomena-based kits deepen learning and understanding with engaging science experiments and a 56-page science workbook filled with reading, writing, investigations, and modeling.

Integrated STEM Kits Align to NGSS and ELA Standards

– Engaging science investigations

– Aligns with standards and core curriculum to bring science to life

– Step-by-step, easy to follow student friendly instructions

– Students apply learning with written interpretation (both writing and drawing) to increase retention

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Visually Dynamic Science Workbook and Journaling

Science workbooks and journaling inspire students’ imagination and sense of wonder.

Workbooks written with student-friendly,
step-by-step instructions.

Collaborative Learning

– Students work together on experiments

– Student learn through exploration

– Highly engaging science experiments

– Hands-on investigations

– NGSS-aligned

Enhances important social and emotional skills such as:

– Teamwork

– Self-management

– Critical thinking

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Writing in book v2

Independent Learning

Each student gets their own 56-page science activity workbook:

– Exciting science facts that bring real world phenomena to life

– Easy to read, student-friendly instructions

– Highly engaging non-fiction reading

–  Integrated math: charting, graphing, and measuring

Our Advantages


That’s how students describe iSprowt! Bring science to life and excite young learners about the world in which we live.

Aligns Around
School Standards

We start with the Next Generation of Science Standards (NGSS) for elementary grades K-5. Then we group together concepts that are cross-cutting and align around these standards.

Industry Leading
Editorial Team

Our editorial team includes industry leading subject matter experts, teachers, parents, and school principals. We spend over 1,200 hours developing curriculum.

Impactful Booklets &

We are relentless about creating highly impactful booklets, STEM experiments, and activities that engage students.

Videos Bring Science
to Life

We layer in dynamic, engaging, and fun videos that are directly applicable to the kits and make learning relevant for today’s world.


Teachers rave about iSprowt’s simple, easy to use, and low-mess kits.


Students cheer with excitement when its time to do science with iSprowt. With iSprowt, science will quickly become their favorite subject in school.

Love of Learning

iSprowt’s mission is to inspire children’s life-long love of learning. iSprowt is for our children. iSprowt is for our communities. iSprowt is for all of us to have a better future.

Included Digital Teacher Resources

– At-a-Glance: one-Page teacher overview that summarizes learning objectives and investigations 

– Detailed teacher lesson guide

– Teacher presentation slides

– Assessment

– Teaching strategies


Provides Equity and Access:
All teachers can implement iSprowt

– Simple, easy, and affordable hands-on science materials

– Teacher support materials and professional development make classroom implementation fast and easy

Students Love iSprowt!
Here’s what students think about iSprowt

iSprowt is really cool! I used to hate science.  Sorry to say – but it was super boring.  With iSprowt I am discovering how cool it really is. I like it so much, that now I think I want to become a doctor!

I was never interested in science – until we started investigating with iSprowt.  Now science is my favorite subject!

iSprowt has so many exciting investigations.  It really helped me to conceptualize difficult concepts (like plate tectonics) and be able to understand much better.  I went from being an average student to getting an A- because I became so interested in the class.