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Inspiring STEM Kits for Homeschool Families

iSprowt inspires curiosity and a love of learning with hands-on, mega fun STEM kits.

Our kits take learning to the next level of both fun and academic success with science experiments that have kids laughing as they learn. Each kit comes with a 40-page activity workbook filled with cross-cutting learning where kids apply their knowledge through fun, interactive activities.

iSprowt’s STEM kits and activity workbooks integrate science, reading, writing, art, and math so that one kit enhances learning on multiple levels.

This not only brings the science content to life, but also enriches kids’ overall learning experience.

Erosion Kit - Books

Our activity books are narrated by the fictional characters Spriggy and Twiggy.

Spriggy and Twiggy introduce every kit with a short story. This adventure story leads into the science that students will be learning that month to capture students’ imagination and excitement.

Our hands-on science kits go beyond tinkering to bring real world science into your homes.

Each kit has multiple science experiments and activities with step-by-step easy to follow kid friendly instructions, but we don’t stop there.

We also include Level Up activities where we encourage kids to try experiments their own way.  We want to inspire them to go beyond simply following directions to use their own imagination and creativity.  We provide a platform for your little scientist to be innovative and promote independence.

Kids-Clay-Final - Small File Size
Weather -Earthquake Building

Ready for more fun?!

We layer in videos that are both educational and so engaging that you may find your kids standing up, dancing, and laughing along with the videos. We integrate games, puzzles and mazes into your adventure books ensuring that learning has never been so exciting.

Empower your child to achieve their highest potential academically and in life with iSprowt. Get started today!

Our Advantages

“Epic Fun!”

That’s how kids describe iSprowt! Join now to start your fun and exciting adventure.

Aligns Around
School Standards

We start with the Next Generation of Science Standards (NGSS) for elementary grades K-5. Then we group together concepts that are cross-cutting and align around these standards.

Industry Leading
Editorial Team

Our editorial team includes industry leading subject matter experts, teachers, parents, and school principals. We spend over 1,200 hours developing curriculum.

Impactful Booklets &

We are relentless about creating highly impactful booklets, STEM experiments, and activities that engage students.

Videos Bring Science
to Life

We layer in dynamic, engaging, and fun videos that are directly applicable to the kits and make learning relevant for today’s world.


Homeschool parents rave about iSprowt’s kid-friendly instructions, engaging hands-on science, and low-mess, ease of use.


Your young learners will jump with excitement when their iSprowt kit arrives each month. These action-packed kits turn your homeschool kitchen table into a fascinating world of science and exploration.

Love of Learning

iSprowt’s mission is to inspire children’s life-long love of learning. iSprowt is for our children. iSprowt is for our homeschool community. iSprowt is for all of us to have a better future.

Who Knew Learning
Could Be So Fun?!!!

iSprowt’s STEM experiments and booklets are so engaging
and exciting, kids have no idea that it is helping
them achieve higher success at school and in life.

Happy Kids, Happy Parents!

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