My husband and I wanted to find a fun and exciting way to bring STEM into our son’s education. We felt that hands-on learning was instrumental in bringing phenomena-based learning to life. This was the inspiration for iSprowt.

Our goal is to help all students achieve their highest potential in school and in life. We turned this goal into action by working with a group of award-winning educators and over 100 learners to create highly engaging, hands-on experiments and booklets.

Using NGSS requirements as our guiding light, we created hands-on, phenomena-based learning activities around each NGSS requirement. Then, we developed highly engaging, ELA aligned workbooks around these experiments to deliver an integrated STEM learning experience.

As a result, these hands-on science kits contain multiple STEM experiments that are proven to increase content retention by up to 80%.

When we inspire and strengthen the next generation, we help create a better future for them and for us all. We hope you will join our fast-growing community. We love to learn and laugh together and hope that you will be smiling and experimenting with us soon.

All our best,
Juliana, Rob, and Robbie