Fundraising? We put the “FUN” in Fundraising!

How it works

  • Sign-up your organization on (eg: PTA/PTO, class, educational foundation, club, etc.) Any size group can join.
  • Email the people in your organization (eg: Student body, class, club, etc).
  • An introductory email template with a “join” link will be provided upon your organization getting registered.
  • Anyone you invite can join your group at any membership level
    (1-month trial, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months.)
  • There is no minimum or maximum to the number of people that can join through your organization.
  • Your organization will receive a check based on 40% of the net profits for kits shipped to any iSprowt member in your organization.
  • The iSprowt website login for your organization includes a portal for checking on the contribution status and participation by your organization members.
  • Checks are mailed out quarterly once the contribution has reached at least $25. Fundraising that is less than $25 accumulates monthly until the minimum is reached.
Example 1:
Your PTA creates an iSprowt organization account. Your PTA sends out an email to all parents and 300 families join with a 1-year membership. Your PTA will receive a check for each active membership.
  • Example: 300 families * $18 fundraising contribution = $5,400 to your PTA.
  • As more people join, your fundraising goes up. If anyone cancels, we simply stop including those members donations in future fundraising payouts.
Example 2:
Your teacher creates an iSprowt Organization account and sends it to all students in the class. If 20 students sign up for a 1-year membership, then your teacher would receive $360 to use on school supplies for your class. (20 students * $18 per member for 12 months of a monthly membership = $360 fundraiser)
That’s a big contribution for class supplies!