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Science Kit: Let’s Grow Together!

All members start with Month 1. This is filled with fun experiments for growing an indoor herb garden, activity booklet, and videos about how things grow!

lIncludes everything you need to grow an indoor herb garden: basil and oregano seeds, 2 biodegradable pots, and soil pellets.
lWater climbing experiment to discover how plants drink water.
lCelery experiment that brings to life how trees get water up their long trunks.
lPinto bean dissection where kids discover how seeds work.
l40-page booklet filled with fun activities such as Find-It pictures, search-a-word, maze, silly stories you create, and more!
lBooklet incorporates the Next Generation Science Standards (national science standards) to help kids reach their highest potential in school.
l9 Videos such as cartoons about photosynthesis, time-lapse videos on bean sprouts growing, documentaries on how seeds travel, traveling through the inside of a tree, amazing examples of how people copy nature to create new technologies, fun songs and dances and more!


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herb garden science kits for kids

Kit packed full with exciting STEM projects

Grow an indoor herb garden

Discover how plants drink with capillary action

Fun, enriching 40-page activity booklet

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Science Kit: Create Continents and Explode Volcanoes!

In Month 2, members discover how enormous puzzle pieces under the Earth’s crust (plate tectonics) have shaped the face of our planet and how volcanoes created almost all of the land on our planet.

lPlate tectonics experiment includes 6 plate tectonics and gooey earth mantle with simple no-mess instructions.
lRe-usable volcano kit.
lSafe chemicals for multiple volcano explosions.
lStickers to discover how volcanoes affect life on Earth.
l40-page booklet filled with fun activities such as Find It pictures, search-a-word, maze, silly stories you create, and more!
lEnriching and fun booklet aligns around the national science standards to empower kids to excel in school.
lExciting Videos such as: how the Earth was formed, animated cartoon bringing plate tectonics to life, volcano explosions, fun songs, and join in a dance with kids and adults from around the world.


volcano stem projects for kids

Discover how continents formed

Use a chemical reaction to erupt a volcano

Create mountains by crashing plate tectonics together

Educational and entertaining 40-page booklet