Life on Earth Elementary School




Students will learn all about heredity, variations in characteristics and traits,  how parents help offspring, and life cycles in this exciting iSprowt Life on Earth kit! Each kit has all the materials for 2 students to complete 5 NGSS aligned activities, including:

– Create a 3 generation family tree of our fictional Sprowteez with our hands on traits and heredity investigation.

– Build a 3D clay figure of one of your new Sprowteez offspring

– Discover why some animals like to live alone and others live in groups.  Then make a water bead animal to bring the concept of living in a group to life.

– Build and paint a birdhouse

– Learn about life cycles.  Then put a soak a special egg in water and observe as a fish hatches.  Over the next 7 days, measure and chart your fish’s growth.

While students work together on activities, they each receive their own 40-page NGSS and ELA aligned workbook.  Empower learners with reading, writing, drawing, predicting and modeling. The highly engaging workbook is packed with student-friendly instructions, NGSS aligned science materials, a short story featuring the  Sprowteez characters, videos, puzzles, and more.  The workbook captivates young minds and keeps them engaged while enriching independent learning and working as a team.

iSprowt’s phenomena-based science kits were developed to help students achieve their highest potential in school and in life.

What You'll Get

Each Kit Includes:

– Heredity traits packet includes 6 traits, 7 cups, labels

– Assorted clay colors to create student’s own Sprowtee from the heredity traits investigation

– Water bead animal kit that makes a penguin and a whale

– Birdhouse kit: students build and paint their own birdhouse (No tools required.  Paint included.)

– Egg with hatching/growing fish (comes with clear container for soaking egg to hatch and for fish to grow)

Easy for Teachers

– 8 Minute teacher prep: fast and simple for teachers
– Low mess and easy prep
– All materials are included in each kit – teachers just open and go!
– Workbook walks students and teachers through the activities with simple, easy to implement step-by-step instructions.

Deepen Learning

Facilitates Independent Learning and Teamwork

Once students are independently reading (typically around 3rd grade), they can do these kits with very little teacher facilitation.  Pre-K through 2nd grade learners also thrive with iSprowt kits with teachers supporting learning by reading aloud from the workbooks or using the included iSprowt teacher presentation slides.

Standards Alignment

Each kit ties to specific NGSS requirements and features hands-on interactivity that sparks curiosity, increases retention, and encourages children to take risks while developing their knowledge. Ensure your young scientists are on their highest track to success while having fun with iSprowt!

NGSS Alignment:

– 1-LS1-2 Read texts and use media to determine patterns in behavior of parents and offspring that help offspring survive.

– 1-LS3-1 Make observations to construct an evidence-based account that young plants and animals are like, but not exactly like, their parents.

– 3-LS1-1 Develop models to describe that organisms have unique and diverse life cycles but all have in common birth, growth, reproduction, and death.

– 3-LS2 Construct an argument that some animals form groups that help members survive.

– 3-LS4-2 Use evidence to construct an explanation for how the variations in characteristics among individuals of the same species may provide advantages in surviving, finding mates, and reproducing.

– 3-LS3 Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits: Patterns are the similarities and differences in traits shared between offspring and their parents, or among siblings. Emphasis is on organisms other than humans.