iSprowt Donates STEM Kits to Children Impacted by COVID-19 Pandemic

We hope that this message finds you and your family well. As many of you know, we launched iSprowt to help children achieve their highest potential in school and in life through hands-on, fun STEM kits that get them unplugged and experimenting in exciting ways. Little did we know that just weeks after launching iSprowt, COVID-19 would upend the world as we knew it.

COVID-19 has shaken families and communities- from school closures to parents teaching and working from home to the uncertainty of what the future holds. All of this weighs on us, as parents and advocates for education, heavily.

Knowing that many families are experiencing serious financial difficulty, we decided to take action. We want to share with you how we plan to help support children through this crisis:

  • Today iSprowt is launching Donate the Gift of STEM– an initiative to put STEM experiments in the hands of children in need.
  • Donating kits to children in need could decrease their risk of falling behind in school during COVID-19 school closures.
  • We are kicking off this program by donating $1,200 in iSprowt kits to children in need in Los Angeles by working with local schools.
  • Going forward, for every 100 kits donated, iSprowt will donate an additional $500 of iSprowt kits.

For educational gifts for kids, consider our Donate the Gift of STEM program that benefits a child in need. Please visit the page here.

We want to thank you for being with us on this journey. 

All our best,
Juliana, Rob, and Robbie Sherwood 

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