Happy Mother's Day from iSprowt!

Mothers Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Everyone at iSprowt would like to take a moment to pay tribute to all the mothers, the grandmothers, the aunts – everyone out there who is “mom” to someone – especially now. You are amazing!

The moms at iSprowt are the calendar keepers, boo boo fixers, school volunteers, lunch makers, bike riders, homework helpers, chess match losers, sports signer-uppers, birthday planners, cookie bakers, bedtime story readers, and huggers. Now, with COVID-19, we have become teachers, virtual play date schedulers, therapists, hide and seekers, anytime story readers, snack distributors, and worriers. We knew that being moms would be challenging and, just when we thought we had it all figured out, our children’s worlds flipped upside down.

We can do this, moms! iSprowt is here to help. We are here to add a little bit of easy education and fun to your children’s lives. While your kids are busy working through the activities in the books that come in our kits or conducting one of our experiments with our easy-to-follow instructions and included supplies, be sure to take a few minutes for yourself and daydream about your kids possibly growing up to have successful and fulfilling careers in STEM. Maybe your young scientist will discover the cure for all viruses?! If you do want educational gifts for kids the good news is that it’s fun for you, too!

Trust us, moms — if you are reading a blog on a page dedicated to inspiring young minds and increasing children’s confidence in STEM, you are already doing a GREAT job! Take a moment to celebrate everything that comes with being a mom. We hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day! You earned it!