STEM Projects Make Great Gifts for Kids This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and parents everywhere are scrambling to secure gifts that will bring a smile to their children’s faces. We know that our kids want dynamic and fun presents, but it is always a bonus when that fun can be paired with something that has lasting value. iSprowt’s STEM kits stand out as perfect gifts for kids, combining entertainment with education to create lessons that ignite their imagination!

When we think about gifts our kids are asking for this year, there tends to be one common theme among them- they are fun! iSprowt’s science kits are no different, as they were designed by teachers to be incredibly fun in addition to educational. Each kit has been tested by over 100 elementary school students to ensure that they are engaging and entertaining enough to inspire young learners to fall in love with science. For example, our Cool Chemistry kit gives kids all the material they need to make biodegradable plastic toys, a rock crystal, and bath bombs! Each kit also features songs and dances integrated into the lesson, keeping kids laughing, moving, and having fun as they learn.

The engaging element of iSprowt’s STEM kits make them excellent for supplementing our children’s learning. In the current landscape of the COVID-19 health crisis, many students have settled into attending school remotely. One of the common obstacles associated with remote learning has been keeping children fully engaged and motivated while doing their work at home. iSprowt kits show kids that learning can fun and, because our kits align around the national science standards (NGSS), they pair excellently with their science lessons. Showing children that activities with educational value can also be entertaining and engaging instills a sense of wonder in young minds that can keep them motivated and having fun through remote learning and beyond.

iSprowt STEM kits also make great gifts for the holiday season is because they present an excellent opportunity to bond over something exciting. The holidays are a great time to slow things down and catch up with our kids. With many of us spending more time at home, however, we may have already bonded with our children over interests such as videogames, television, or their favorite toys. iSprowt science kits allow us to show young learners that science can be just as interesting and dynamic, sparking an interest in STEM that is sure to last. A parent’s involvement helps put some aspects of the lesson into perspective and show that the love for learning is truly lifelong!