STEM Projects
& Science Kits for Kids

Super fun monthly science kits for kids ages 5 – 11

Inspire young minds, develop a sense of pride in their success, and help them achieve their highest potential in school and in life, delivered to your door.

Exciting and Enriching
Science Kits for Kids

iSprowt hands-on STEM kits inspire young minds to build, experiment, and discover. Each kit is filled with 6 – 12 extremely fun STEM activities. Our 40-page kid-friendly book goes beyond directions and delivers a highly enriching and engaging learning experience. The best part about the kit? The science book and STEM activities are so fun and interesting, kids never realize they are learning.

Achieve Higher
Success at School

iSprowt’s monthly science kits for kids align around the national science standards. Did you know in 2019, almost 60% of American students failed our own national science standard exams? iSprowt wants to change that forever! Ensure your child is on the side of success and help position them to have a strong academic future. Join iSprowt as we bring science to life in such a fun way that it ignites kids’ sense of wonder and imagination.

Designed by Award-
Winning Teachers

iSprowt’s science kits for kids are created by a team of award-winning STEM teachers & industry-leading experts. Built on the Scientific Design Process that encourages kids to experiment, take risks, and explore, it’s no wonder that kids reach for iSprowt during their free moments. What would you rather have your child reach for – a tablet or exciting, low-mess STEM activities that will enrich their future?

Science Kits for Kids Bring STEM To Life

Each kit builds on prior kits knowledge to expand learning and help young minds apply concepts to the world in which we live. The best part? These learning concepts are aligned around the national academic requirements, so you are giving your kids an academic advantage.

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Happy Kids, Happy Parents!

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