The Universe


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  • Discover How Celestial Bodies Work – Let your child learn what makes up the universe with this explorer kit for kids. It’s great for introducing fun facts and information while expanding knowledge about space for kids.
  • Get 6 Science Projects for Kids in 1 Stem Kit – The Universe Kit is so much more than just an educational toy. It inspires a sense of wonder as kids build their own solar system, learn about the constellations with star gazing tips and tricks, create their own constellation with glow in the dark stars that safely attach to walls, and 2 reflector stars that help kids understand why our sun looks so much larger than stars.
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorial – Learn how to do the experiments by watching our step by step video instructions with your fellow school children! Videos available on YouTube, just search for iSprowt!
  • Comes with 40-Page Activity Kids Science Books – Our universe kit is a science experiment kit and adventure kit for kids that introduces your young ones to stem projects for kids. Think fun kids science DIY kit with an easy-to-use book!



  • Create and paint your own Solar System model
  • Design constellations then attach to your walls for glow-in-the-dark bedroom fun
  • Get 2 reflector stars and discover why distant stars look smaller than our sun