Weather & Natural Disasters



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  • Discover How Earth Science and Geology for Kids Work – In this experiment kit, kids will become a meteorologist and discover why the seasons are opposite in different hemispheres with our science kit & toys, learn cardinal directions (N – S – E – W) by building your own pinwheel, whirl and twirl. The kids building projects in this STEM kit encourages young minds to build, design, and engineer.
  • Get 13 Science Projects for Kids in 1 Stem Kit – Do science experiments for kids with this educational toy. Create 4 snowflakes with our origami kit for kids. Our science snow kit also lets your child make a snowman via chemical reaction.
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorial – Learn how to do the experiments by watching our step by step video instructions with your fellow school children! Videos available on YouTube, just search for iSprowt!
  • Comes with 40-Page Activity Kids Science Books – Our weather kit is a science experiment kit and adventure kit for kids that introduces your young ones to stem projects for kids. Think fun kids science DIY kit with an easy-to-use book!



  • Make a tornado in a bottle
  • Build an earthquake resistant building
  • Use a chemical reaction to build your own indoor snowman
  • Create a pinwheel to discover cardinal directions and which way the wind is blowing
  • Create snowflake origami art
  • Become a meteorologist
  • Discover why when it’s winter in New York when it’s summer in Sydney