COVID-19 School Closures- How to Keep Children From Falling Behind

school closures

Today’s students are facing an unprecedented challenge when it comes to learning science. A recent Los Angeles Times article indicated California students are struggling to meet the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) adopted nationally in 2013. These standards were designed to teach core scientific concepts via hands-on activity. Unfortunately, with limited budgets for scientific materials and space to store materials for multiple classes of up to 40 students, meeting the standards has so far been a challenge. Now, with students completely out of the classroom for the remainder of the school year thanks to COVID-19 upending life as we knew it, limited materials available at home, and parents’ lack of comfort teaching STEM subjects, achieving these standards could be completely out of reach for many students.

Interestingly, the LA Times article cites a specific example from the fifth-grade test which asks students to engage in “ordering the stages of a plant’s life cycle on a diagram.” This very topic is brought to life through the hands-on activities included in iSprowt’s first kit! In kit 1, kids in kindergarten through fifth-grade sprout herb seeds, plant them in soil, place them in a sunlit window, water them, and track their growth. By kit 4, the fully grown herbs are harvested and the kids learn to make their very own pasta sauce — completing the life cycle of the plant with hands-on activities they will be able to recall when it’s time to take the standardized NGSS test. Activities like this example also help students understand how science applies to them as a regular part of life in their home and their community. 

With iSprowt’s new Donate the Gift of STEM program, you can help students bring these core scientific concepts to life. iSprowt was designed to help children achieve their highest potential in school and in life through hands-on, fun, STEM kits which include experiments, easy-to-follow instructions, and materials mailed directly to their homes monthly. iSprowt kits get them unplugged and experimenting in exciting ways. 

Knowing that many families are experiencing serious financial difficulty, we decided to take action. Here’s how you can help support children during this crisis:

-Donate kits to children in need and help decrease their risk of falling behind during COVID-19 school closures by purchasing a kit via the link below and selecting “donate” at checkout. We are partnering with schools to provide donated iSprowt kits directly to the students who need them most.

-For every 100 kits donated, iSprowt will donate an additional $500 of iSprowt kits.

-Help spread the word about iSprowt and our Donate the Gift of STEM program. Email your friends, share on social media, and talk to your family members about this program during your next family video chat – encourage them to donate kits as well! 

This crisis has shown us just how essential it is to have a future workforce with a passion for STEM. Together, we can spark that passion and build a solid STEM foundation for students all over the country.  

Educational Gifts for Kids: Donate the Gift of STEM to a child in need, visit the page here.