Celebrate May Day with iSprowt

Happy May Day! Have you ever heard the phrase, “April showers bring May flowers”? This phrase is borrowed from a poem written by Thomas Tusser in 1157.

May 1, also known as May Day, marks the halfway point between the spring equinox (first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere) and summer solstice (first day or summer in the Northern Hemisphere). It is an ancient holiday celebrating the hope and promise of spring. The beautiful May flowers springing up all around us are a reminder that the rains in April bring forth new life.

Celebrations were rooted in agriculture and were filled with singing and dancing.

May Day celebration

Like our young scientists who are planting their herb seeds from their iSprowt Herb Garden Kit, people at May Day celebrations were full of hope – hope that their seeds would sprout and their crops would flourish. We are filled with hope today.  Hope for our children.  Hope for a healthy return to normalcy. Hope for our future.

You can still celebrate May Day today. In this time of COVID-19, consider creating a traditional basket by rolling a piece of colorful paper into a cone and filling it with homemade paper flowers. Take a photo or a video of your kids sending love and hope to friends and family and tag #iSprowt if you share on social media. Your sprouting herb garden is the perfect backdrop!

May Day flowers


Due to COVID-19 related school closures, iSprowt created the Donate the Gift of STEM program where you can give educational gift for kids. Consider making a donation here.