What Makes iSprowt Booklets Unique

Every month, iSprowt members receive a wonderful educational gift. Each of these gifts, complete with a 40-page iSprowt booklet, are mailed directly to your child – in today’s online world, kids love getting mail addressed to them. It’s a very special surprise.

Each kit contains at least three science experiments, with materials, as well as an incredible instruction and activity booklet.

These beautiful booklets are what makes iSprowt kits special. Each booklet is 40-pages of information, instructions, and activities centered around a specific theme derived from the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The NGSS are science content standards that set the expectations for what K-12 students should know. These standards inspire the content for every booklet in every kit.

The hands-on activities in iSprowt booklets bring to life what our students are learning in the classroom and solidify the content that will carry forward to middle school and high school.

What can you expect to see in a typical iSprowt booklet?

  • Easy-to-follow experiment instructions
  • Level-up challenges that encourage kids to think beyond the experiments
  • Opportunities to get creative with writing and drawing
  • Fill-in the blank questions
  • Links to show what you know in our online community
  • Word scrambles, mazes, hidden pictures, tic-tac-toe, and other games
  • Opportunities to think strategically and make predictions
  • Fun and silly stories
  • Engineering challenges
  • QR code links to videos that help enhance learning
  • And, most importantly, easy-to-absorb science facts

iSprowt booklets are developed with the support of our board of experts which include elementary school teachers, middle school science teachers, a principal, engineers, scientists, researchers, our CEO, and our kids! The booklets and experiments are also reviewed by elementary school students.

We think iSprowt booklets are so special, we would like to give you a sneak peek. Stay tuned for a free download!

iSprowt booklet earth volcanoes iSprowt booklet herb garden

If you are interested in sharing hands-on science with the kids in your life, check out our membership page and start having these educational gifts for kids mailed home today.